Yoga Now with Leti

Yoga Now with Leti

Yoga Now with LetiYoga Now with LetiYoga Now with Leti


Rejuvenate ~ Reset ~Indulge


 I am over the moon to announce my next Yoga Retreat!   Discover why Dominica is the Caribbean's best-kept secret on this 6-day adventure retreat that will have you hiking to lush waterfalls, snorkeling in the pristine waters, exploring native plants and medicinal herbs, and canyoning through spectacular rain forest gorges. Come along, won't you?  June 28th, 2020 

Pristine Rainforest

Pristine rainforest

 This tropical island is teeming with mountainous peaks covered in all shades of greens

Yes to watching sunsets from here!


Infinity-edge pool awaits you overlooking beautiful mountains and ocean side.  Grab your favorite book and completely immerse yourself

Trip Highlights

o Daily yoga with Leti

 All-levels class to stretch out and relax after our active days

o Guided hike to Middleham & Trafalgar falls

 Gorgeous hikes through dense rainforest vegetation to one of the tallest waterfalls on the island 

o Visit to our community Partner

We’ll  visit a bio-diversified tropical farm & tour a wide assortment of healing plants/natural herbal remedies 


More Inclusions

Additional Information

  •  5 nights at our boutique eco-resort lodgings  
  •  Kayaking and snorkeling in Soufriere & Scotts Head Marine Reserve 
  • Enjoy a fun, hands-on Caribbean cooking class 
  • Guided exploration of historic Perdu Temps trail 
  •  Access to private trails on the lodge’s property, an incredible infinity-edge pool, whirlpool and luscious spa 
  •  All in country transportation between destinations and activities in private vehicles 
  • Airport transfer to/from Douglas–Charles Airport (DOM)

Relax and unwind in our lush surroundings

Beautiful hikes, kayaking, snorkeling and more! Gardens galore and stunning views in every direction 

This trip will fill up quickly, so act now. 

~ Book on the link below.  For a limited time get $100 off per person!  Say yes - please!  This is a naturalist's dream trip. 

Moroccan Retreat!March 8th-15th-SOLD OUT

Morocco Discovery


Stay tuned for highlights of our Moroccan Adventure

Glamping in the Sahara Desert


We'll let you know about our experience in the Sahara

Public classes

Monday - 6:00pm Pilates FREE all-levels @Lamar Senior Activity Center

Tuesday - 4:30p Hatha Flow @Flow Yoga Westgate

6p All-levels Hatha Flow@Balance Dance Studios

Wednesday - Privates by appointment

Thursday - 4:30p Hatha Flow @Flow Yoga Westgate

Friday - Privates by appointment

Sunday-3:00p  All-levels Hatha Flow@Yoga Pod

Keep checking back - I'm always adding and subbing classes

Yoga in the Umlauf Gardens

Yoga in the Umlauf Gardens

Special Workshops and Offerings


Stay tuned - Nothing currently scheduled

Tibetan Healing Bowls

About Me

Yogi for Life

Yoga and  Street Art

I began my yoga journey many years ago and have remained deeply committed to living my yoga. I offer empowering, inspiring flows that encourage students to explore and connect with their deeper authentic self. I will meet you exactly where you are yet encourage you to embrace your own unique experiences.   I love yoga for all its' transformative powers, physical, spiritual and more.  I emphatically know yoga will always be a part of my life for “Yoga is my health insurance”.  I hope to allow you the freedom to be true to yourself both on and off the mat. When you step out into the real world and are able to deal with situations in a clearer, more authentic way., that is where the magic happens.  I cater to students of all levels and  abilities, and ensure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable in my classes from day one.  Expect a fun, upbeat flow set to carefully selected  music. My classes will be challenging, yet always safe using the  biomechanics of alignment.  

My hope is that you will leave class feeling a bit more peaceful  and complete,  something that really resonates with me.  

Yes - I will be a YOGI for life! 

Enhance Your Wellness

Yoga at Zilker Botanical Gardens

Yoga is a great way to improve your endurance in other physical activities.  Yoga will help your body relax while stretching, strengthening, and lengthening the muscles you were just working on. Yoga is a low impact, yet weight bearing form of exercise/movement. I always tell people"Yoga will keep you looking and more importantly feeling young"  


Healing Sound

I also teach Restorative Yoga and Yin and Meditation as yoga not only helps improve your body, but also helps with mindfulness and focus. Our days are so packed with activities and stimuli from the moment we wake up; it is crucial, now more than ever that we take time to unplug, reboot and reset. Our nervous system is so conditioned to the fight or flee response that we need mindful reminders to slow down, to breath and to just BE. Give yourself the gift of a slower, nourishing practice such as 

Yin, Restorative or iRest Yoga Nidra

One on One Mentorship Program


Cultivate your Authentic Voice

One on One Mentorship program for teacher trainees, and dedicated students  who may want a little extra  support and guidance.  This program is tailored for those seeking an extra hand, to practice teach, ask questions about sequencing, philosophy  etc...  Items that you covered in your training but that you may want more information and clarity on.  

It is meant to add to your valuable teacher training  programs and help you find your voice in public classes, within the community and teach from your true authentic self.  

There are vast aspects to  teaching yoga, from sequencing, assisting,  relationship building, planning a class diagram to teacher/student dynamics, studio ethics ,not to mention the hows and whys of marketing yourself,  teaching workshops, studio management or ownership and more!

This  is intended to enhance your experience and help you become a confident teacher/leader in our communities and studios. Includes class observation, practice time, one on one conversations on those topics you choose!  Time can be either in person or over the phone.  

Are you ready to teach?

Are you ready to teach but not sure where to start? Do you dread the teacher audition?

Perhaps you are already teaching but would like some observation.  Would you like to find more teaching opportunities? 


 - I would like to start offering workshops?  How do I go about doing this? 

- I want to be of service to my community.  How do I find teaching opportunities that align with serving others? 

- I need someone to come observe my classes and help me with sequencing?

I can help with these questions and more.  You want to learn more about Indian Deities.  We can discuss that. Do you want to use your words more succinctly to convey exactly what you want?  We can cover that.  

Are you ready to come along?  Send me a message and together we can forge a program designed just for you. 

My Bio


I have been very fortunate to study with many national teachers that have impacted both my practice and my teachings.  One of my early influences was Christina Sell and Anusara yoga. Anusara yoga begins with bio-mechanical alignment principles called the  “Universal Principles of Alignment™”. Anusara trained  me to integrate these alignment instructions with the attitudinal heart theme in artful and creative ways. I also studied with Anodea Judith who is considered one of the country’s foremost experts on the  combination of chakras and therapeutic issues and on the interpretation  of the Chakra System for the Western lifestyle. In addition to this I have 1000's of hours studying and delving deep into yoga philosophy, Hindu deities exploration, meditation and pranayama. I am an anatomy geek and love to work with individuals to enable them to get more out of their practice in a safe and sustainable way. I completed my 500 hours as an experienced registered yoga teacher and love to share all of yoga with others. I also teach children's yoga and love to play, practice and share in laughter and lightness with children. 

Leti Alvarez

Leti Alvarez

Children's Yoga

Children's Yoga Certified

Children's Yoga

I am also certified for children's yoga ages 3- 17.  I studied with Next Generation Yoga - 

"Why kids love Yoga"

In addition I studied with 

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®

Upcoming events

Mindfulness for Children

Every second Sunday of the month - Free Family Day at the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens at 605 Robert E. Lee Road- Austin

All ages welcome! Family Yoga at 12:30p

Yoga Birthday Parties

Family Day at the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens

Customized children's yoga parties 

with an assortment of themes 

and activities.  It is such a fun and 

unique way to celebrate your child.  

Please contact me to book your child's party. 

Conscious Sustainable Brands

Wide Awake

Garudasana (Eagle) in Puerto Rico

Wide Awake is a family run business founded by lovers of yoga and the arts.  They are connected with the universe and realize we are all trying to find peace, love and wellness for all  sentient life beings   Their yoga mat line is 100%  Eco-friendly made from biodegradable materials.

Yoga Democracy

Ardha Chandrasana ~ Half Moon

 A sustainable active wear alternative. Virtually all their products are produced in house at the Yoga Democracy workshop located in Cave Creek, Arizona using 95% recycled fibers. YD aims for a low water 

impact in production and supply chain. They are almost 100% vertically integrated from design to dyeing to sewing to order fulfillment; all carried out under one roof keeping their carbon footprint 

small and waste to a minimum.  

Click here -->

Use my code at check out for 20% off --> yogawithleti

Yoga Democracy Sustainable Yoga Clothes

Contact Me

Send Message


Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries about bringing yoga to the workplace, to book a private session or a children's yoga birthday party.

Yoga Now with Leti